Idem for vélo (m.), and bicyclette (f.), which both mean bicycle, or for profession (f.), and métier (m.) which both mean profession, etc. vert verte verts - vertes. 7. Her pieces combine the masculine and feminine in sometimes provocative, always original creations. Une série de vidéos sur "le bassin" en lien avec l'accouchement Quand on apprend aux enfants "le masculin l'emporte sur le féminin", on leur inculque l'idée de la supériorité d'un sexe sur l'autre. gris grise gris -grises. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? une petite-fille (granddaughter) is fem., like fille. Institut français d'Égypte. —”er”: panier (basket), courrier (mail), baiser (kiss), etc. BUT there are many exceptions, such as : un moteur (an engine), le malheur (misfortune), le bonheur (happiness), le cœur (the heart), un ordinateur (a computer), etc. C'est la grande question ! un a-côté (extra income) is masc., like the word côté (side). NOTE: They can be either masculine or feminine because they refer to the profession, the specialty or the personality of an individual. —”euil”: seuil (doorstep), fauteuil (armchair), écureuil (squirrel), etc. Un ou une médicament ? » de Cathy Cathnounourse, auquel 491 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Autobus. +1-858-859-3023 (USA) Language School. BUT there is one exception: une jument(a mare — female horse). Globally, there is no specific reason for it; the determination of its gender depends very much on its origin, with the suggestion that the word refers to something which is supposed to be more masculine or feminine. : Ses pièces mêlent masculin et féminin dans des créations parfois provocantes, toujours originales. D. Aucune idée. When a compound word is composed of a noun and an adjective, it is most of the time the same gender as the noun. When a compound word is composed of a noun and a preposition, it is most of the time masculine. - learn French Adjectifs de couleur. Aucune idée. Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 French. Das Drehbuch basiert lose auf zwei Erzählungen Guy de Maupassants, Le Signe und La Femme de Paul. Le féminin se forme en rajoutant 'e' au masculin. Unfortunately, most of the time they just have to try and memorize them, and to admit that they will always make mistakes, that the French will easily understand anyway. / Quelles histoires ! What would you say the qualities deeply esteemed by the people of those time. 2. B. Féminin. However, there are MANY EXCEPTIONS to this rule. 4. Adjectifs de couleur. Français avec Mahmoud. July 11, 2020. ; un sans-faute (faultless) is masc. Classe dans la bonne colonne. Examples: 4. – Marie est une jeune activiste. —”al”: métal (metal), animal (animal), cheval (horse), journal (newspaper), festival (festival), etc. C. Les deux! Still, there are a few rules or patterns that can provide some clues. Au contrair e, s’il e xiste une nature féminin e, une espèce-f emme, alors aucune des conditio ns vita les, soci oécon omique s ou prog rès de l’activi té humain e ne pourrait la change r. e. Certains principes / certaines idées 2. C. Les deux! —”ment”: gouvernement (government), médicament (medication), vêtement (piece of clothing), etc. BUT there are a few exceptions, such as: la plage (the beach), une cage (a cage). Communicate with ease and confidence when traveling in France… Our ebooks have helped thousand of French learners. B. Féminin. like fils; My Account | Contact Us | Student Forum. like circuit; A. Masculin. C. Les deux! → GN = D + N a. Une femme / des femmes b. Cet ami / cette amie c. Ses enfants /son fils / sa mère d. Quelle fin ! / Quel miracle ! Location: English to French. B. Féminin. BUT there are a few exceptions, the most important one is maman (mum). = Jacques is a good dentist. Is Minneapolis or St. Paul the city of Minnesota why I might people become confused about this? Is Cicely Tyson related to Min Louis Farrakhan? —”age”: courage (courage), fromage (cheese), garage (garage), voyage (travel), ménage & nettoyage (cleaning), etc. 2020-11-16 (2016-12-06) QUEL GENRE : masculin ou féminin ? Coach. 6. How to Know Which One to Use? Ecris le genre qui convient : masculin ou féminin. Oeuvre. In the plural: domination of the masculine. +33 (0)9 70 40 81 17 (FR) = The house, the cabin, the castle and the barn are inhabited the whole year long. "idée" is a feminine noun in French. If you have found these rules difficult, let’s end with some good news: the easiest word of all is après-midi(afternoon), considered both masculine and feminine! A. Masculin. For example, why is boulevard masculine and avenue feminine? A. Masculin. Ask Question. An vs année, jour vs journée, etc. Email: INSTITUT FRANÇAIS . This leaderboard is currently private. But it would be a loss of time to find any real logic. = Marie is a young activist. NOTE that for professions, –eur, used for men, is frequently transformed, for women, into either: –rice, –euse, or even –eure,a fairly recent trend when referring to feminine professions. ; How do you focuse the transverse section in order to get fine image? partager ses idées, ses sentiments, ses émotions, tandis que l’homme contrôle et retient les siens : il transmet des informations et cherche des solutions… et la femme ne se sent pas « écoutée » ! 5. un court-circuit (short circuit) is masc. How do you write a manifesto for compound overseer? BUT there is one exception: une nounou (a nanny). Share Share by Nhughes2. Whether you say un après-midi or une après-midi, you are never wrong! What do you want to do? BUT there are a few exceptions, such as un en-tête (heading), which is masculine, even if tête (head) is fem. Two genders: masculine and feminine. NOTE that nowadays it is acceptable to write entête as one word. even if faute (mistake) is fem. 2. Why is magazine masculine and revue, which has exactly the same meaning, feminine? – Jacques est un bon dentiste. B. Féminin un petit-fils (grandson) is masc. Like. Pages Liked by This Page. Help: Top of the site: Other levels: Click on each sound icon, listen to the sentence (turn the volume up if necessary) and select a radio button according to the gender of the person we are talking about. If you make the wrong choice, all the accords, the associated past participles and adjectives will be incorrect and the whole phrase will fall flat like a line of dominoes. un chou-fleur(cauliflower) is masculine: chou (cabbage) is masc., and fleur (flower) is fem. A. Masculin. un arrière-goût (aftertaste) is masc., like goût (taste); —”ouil”: fenouil (fennel) — the only one with this ending. The following endings are almost always masculine : —”an”: an(year), écran (screen), océan (ocean), roman (novel), plan (plan), volcan (volcano), etc. Hiver , automne. Examples: Examples: Apps durchstöbern. :) Enjoy 692,874 Views. / Quelles questions ! of premier). Why is malheur (misfortune) masculine and peur (fear) feminine? ; Today at 10:23 AM. as well as the two words that compose it: ciné (diminutive of cinéma) and club. When both nouns are masculine, the compound word is obviously masculine. Der Film lief in Deutschland 35 Jahre lang nur in der Originalfassung mit deutschen Untertiteln, bis das ZDF 2001 eine synchronisierte Fassung produzierte. Enfant. Example: une année-lumière(light year) is fem., as well as the two words which compose it: année (year) and lumière (light). ; Theme. More. Dans ta tête, tu peux les accompagner d'un déterminant, un ou une pour identifier le genre. Afin d'amorcer une première séance sur la notion de masculin et de féminin (CP ou CE1), les images de cette application peuvent servir de réflexion collective. B. Féminin. 2017 - Explorez le tableau « masculin ou féminin? Masculin ou féminin? un appareil-photo(camera) is masculine: appareil (appliance, device) is masc., and photo is fem., © 2020 learnfrenchathome. noir noire noirs ... 8. ; When one of the elements of a compound noun is a verb, it is masculine. En résumé, la femme est moins émotive, mais elle s’exprime davantage alors que l’homme est, en réalité plus —eur: couleur (color), peur (fear), erreur (mistake), douleur (pain), fleur (flower), chaleur (heat), etc. For example: un verre (a glass), un problème (a problem), un groupe (a group), un parapluie(an umbrella), un immeuble (building), le foie (the liver), un territoire (a territory), un mensonge (a lie), un squelette (a squeleton), un stade (a stadium), le silence (the silence), le lycée (the high school), etc. un timbre-poste (postage stamp) is masculine: timbre is masc., and poste is fem. : Key points: An ongoing dialogue between masculine and feminine dress codes. 3. Sandwich. une arrière-boutique (back shop) is fem., like boutique (shop); The following endings are usually feminine: —”e” very often marks the feminine, such as in: vie (life), voiture (car), lumière (light), visite (visit), bêtise (stupi-dity), joie (joy), baignoire (bathtub), marque (brand), bicyclette (bicycle), salade (salad), habitude (habit), chance (luck), connaissance (knowledge), agence (agency), nourriture (food), journée (day), poubelle (garbage can), bataille (a battle), grenouille (frog), etc. PDF Printables. Übersetzung im Kontext von „masculin et féminin“ in Französisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Taux du chômage masculin et féminin en mars 2003 brun brune bruns - brunes. D. Aucune idée. Français avec Mahmoud. Ojai, CA 93023, USA —La maison, la cabane, le château et la grange sont habités toute l’année. Le mot représenté par chaque image est-il masculin ou féminin ? Edit Content. 15 févr. A. Masculin. un chasse-neige(snowplough) is masculine: chasse, from chasser (to hunt) is masc., neige (snow) is fem. 1. un en-cas (little snack – literally meaning: in case we are a little hungry) is masc., like the word cas (case). Masculin - Féminin Et bien voilà c'est WE ! ; But it would be a … —”et”: alphabet (alphabet), arrêt (stop), projet (project), budget (budget), secret (secret), objet (object), etc. When both nouns are feminine, the compound word is feminine. Non pas parce que le genre grammatical et le sexe se confondent, mais parce que nous vivons dans une société sexuée qui rattache le genre social (féminin/masculin) au sexe biologique (femelle/mâle). Directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Learn English, Live English. merken in "Meine Apps" Masculin ou féminin? When you refer to a group of people, there only needs to be one man in the group for the entire group to be masculine when defining or describing it (we would definitely say ils and not elles when referring to the members of a mixed group). ähnliche App erstellen. La Rochelle 17000, France, Telephone: Is Cicely Tyson related to Whitney Houston? EXCEPTIONS: un poisson (a fish), un avion (a plane),  un lion, etc. Embed. Check my answers: Email my answers to my teacher . Un ou une solution ? I am blessed to be co-creating with Ali Pervez Mehdi, international performing Sufi and Ghazal singer. Example: le ciné-club(film club) is masc. Education Website. BUT there are a few exceptions: un côté (a side), un été (a summer), un comité (a committee), etc. Options. Improve your French aural comprehension, your French writing skills or your grammar knowledge. Cancel: Text box style: Font: Size: px. A. Masculin. Le masculin qui se ... 7. —”oir”: couloir (hallway), trottoir (sidewalk), espoir (hope), etc. M. stands for "masculin," F. for "féminin". It remains like this even if armoire disappeared over the years from this compound noun in everyday language. While for human beings there is an e at the end of both un homme (man), a masculine word, and une femme (woman), feminine. féminin : Cette fille est forte. Ananas. Today at 10:34 PM. NOTE that among the very few exceptions, an interesting one is with the verb garder (to keep): while most words composed with this verb are masculine, such as un garde-meuble (storage unit), une garde-robe (wardrobe) is, however, fem. When a compound word is composed of a noun and an adverb, it is usually of the same gender as the noun. Even though old traditional ways of looking at things are changing, grammatically France remains a misogynist society. – Mon voisin est un vrai raciste.= My neighbour is a true racist. Examples: —La robe, le manteau, la jupe et la veste sont bleus.= The dress, the coat, the skirt and the jacket are all blue. Définition masculin et féminin dans le dictionnaire de définitions Reverso, synonymes, voir aussi 'masculinité',masculiniser',masculinisme',masculinement', expressions, conjugaison, exemples 4. What are the achievement of Harding James Ekperigin as a pioneer in physical education of nigeria? Il existe deux genres : masculin et féminin. 1. App erstellen. Un ou Une ?? It has a to either masculine (masculin) or feminine (féminin). NOTE that e also marks the feminine when talking about animals: le chat, la chatte(the cat), le chien, la chienne (the dog). Learn French with Tania. D. Aucune idée. Anmelden. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. masculin : Ce garçon est fort. —”isme”: socialisme (socialism), capitalisme (capitalism), féminisme (feminism), etc. 2. Example: un anglophone, une anglophone. Masculin Féminin Pluriel. Examples: —”eau”: bureau (office/desk), couteau (knife), tableau (painting), etc. Examples: un acteur, une actrice (an actor); un directeur, une directrice (a director); un coiffeur, une coiffeuse (a hairdresser), un chanteur, une chanteuse (a singer); un auteur, une auteure (an author), etc. Des adjectifs de couleur. Switch template Interactives Show all. Examples: Sometimes, the feminine form of a profession follows the pattern of er/ère, as in boulanger/boulangère. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? —té: société (society), beauté (beauty), liberté (freedom), santé (health), etc. We have worked on many projects together and this is our first live prayer-formance where we bridge the etheric and ethnic sounds. French essential key expressions, idioms and verbs. Vertalingen in context van "masculin ou féminin" in Frans-Nederlands van Reverso Context: Je vous ai fait « garçons et filles » afin d'atteindre le Paradis en tant que Créatures Spirituelles - polarisé masculin ou féminin. —”eil”: sommeil (sleep), réveil (waking up), soleil (sun), conseil (advice, council), etc. un sèche-cheveux(hair dryer) is masculine: sèche comes from sécher (to dry), cheveu (hair) is masc. Log in required. Ebooks with audio, exercices, short stories, etc. All Rights Reserved, See our selection of eBooks here - Download FREE samples, Meet Steven, A Very Devoted French Student, More or no more? For me one of the most difficult things with French is to remember my masculine and feminine nouns. —”ou”: bijou (jewel), chou(cabbage), cou (neck), etc. —on, ion, and especially tion: maison (house), passion, décision, situation, solution, profession, collection, etc. un sans-papiers (homeless) is masc., like the word papiers (papers). like robe (dress). Globally, there is no specific reason for it; the determination of its gender depends very much on its origin, with the suggestion that the word refers to something which is supposed to be more masculine or feminine. École de France. C. Les deux! The following endings are always masculine: —”eu”: feu (fire), jeu (game), cheveu (hair), etc. une station-service(gas filling station) is feminine: station is fem., and service is masc. How many grams of bromine are required to completely react with 22.1 g of titanium? Langue et littérature françaises. ähnliche App erstellen Kopie dieser App erstellen neue leere App mit dieser Vorlage erstellen weitere Apps mit dieser Vorlage anzeigen. Why is virilité feminine and féminisme masculine? Le nom noyau donne son genre (masculin ou féminin) et son nombre (singulier ou pluriel) au déterminant qui le précède. BUT there are a few exceptions, such as: une main (a hand), la fin (the end). une avant-première (preview) is fem., like première (first, fem. Nouns with the following endings can be either masculine or feminine: —”iste”: dentiste (dentist), garagiste (car mechanic), raciste (racist), féministe (feminist), activiste (activist), cycliste (cyclist), etc. Mei-lan Maurits was live. —”ail”: ail (garlic), travail (work), corail (coral), etc. un avant-bras (forearm) is masc., like bras (arm); Personal Blog. B. Féminin. – How to Use Plus in French. —”phone”: téléphone (telephone), magnétophone (tape recorder), etc. They always have the same spelling, but their gender depends on whether the person you are talking about is a woman or a man. C. Les deux! Log in. Is l'idee masculin or feminine in French? NOTE: Some of these words can become feminine by adding an “e” at the end, and the pronunciation changes as you can notice by listening to the audio link: un coquin, une coquine (a naughty person), le cousin, la cousine (the cousin). A romance between young Parisians, shown through a series of vignettes. How many times do a clock's hands overlap in a day? Examples: Recent Post by Page. Le noms des villes en français sont selon le contexte masculin ou féminin, il n'y a pas de règle, mais, signale Grevisse dans Le Bon usage, dans la langue parlée du moins, le masculin tende à prévaloir (le neutre, proprement, comme s'il y avait désexualisation générale des noms propres de villes). LANGUAGES AT HOME LTD la basse-cour (poultry) is fem., like cour (courtyard); Show more Show less . 147 likes. Each time you have an enumeration of words, if only one is masculine, the whole group will be masculine when an adjective is used to modify the group. Main content: Masculin et féminin Other contents: Add to my workbooks (17) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Add to Microsoft Teams Share through Whatsapp: Link to this worksheet: Copy: despmavr Finish!! la bande-annonce (trailer) is feminine: bande is fem., and annonce is fem. BUT there are a few exceptions, such as une forêt (forest). 3. Classe ces noms selon leur genre : masculin ou féminin. —”in”: destin (destiny), sein (breast), terrain (piece of land), bain (bath), pain (bread), grain (grain), frein (brake), coin (corner), etc. This is the same for words. With Jean-Pierre Léaud, Chantal Goya, Marlène Jobert, Michel Debord. Cherchez masculin-féminin et beaucoup d’autres mots dans le dictionnaire de définition et synonymes français de Reverso. The question that all our students ask us is: How can one know or recognize the gender of a particular word? This is because, originally, the full expression was “armoire garde-robe“, which was feminine like the first noun, armoire (closet, cabinet). What does it mean when the flag is not flying at the White House? Masculin ou Feminin? L'Artemis-Féminin Masculin, Paris (Paris, France). What are the disadvantages of control account? EXCEPT for a word describing a person, in such case it is feminine when it concerns a woman. un tire-bouchon(corkscrew) is masculine: tire is the verb tirer (to pull) in the present tense and in the 3rd person singular, while bouchon (cork) is masc. 5. 3. D. Aucune idée. Guide et liste des prénoms masculins francophones pour aider les futurs parents à choisir un prénom de garçon original. Exercice 5 (N1): Masculin et féminin. Show all. 1.When a compound word is composed of two nouns, its gender is most of the time determined by the gender of the first noun. BUT there are two exceptions: l’eau (water) and la peau(skin). Get a free French evaluation with a native French teacher. Learn English, Live English. D. Aucune idée. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème french expressions, apprendre le français, grammaire. Masculin Feminin oder: Die Kinder von Marx und Coca-Cola ist ein französischer Film von Jean-Luc Godard aus dem Jahr 1966. Leaderboard. How long will the footprints on the moon last? BUT there are a few exceptions: un rouge-gorge(robin) is masculine, even if gorge (throat) is fem. —”ard”: cafard (cockroach, or depression), retard (delay), hasard (chance), etc. Créer l'opportunité d' équilibrer les apports du Féminin et du Masculin comme voie de progrès dans nos parcours personnels et professionnels