more, Recommended experiences in and around Milan, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Sites. They also insisted we paid the 36€ fine or we had to hand over our passports (which we didn’t actually have on us). Tickets spéciaux pour la Foire de Milan (Rho Fiera) Le prix du ticket pour se rendre jusqu’à la Foire de Milan sur la ligne 1 du métro est de 2,55 € (3,10 US$ ) l’aller-simple . Ligne M1 (rouge) : Cette ligne est particulièrement utile si vous voyagez pour les affaires et que vous souhaitez assister à la Foire de Milan. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Milan's trams have been present since 1876, although at that time they were horse-drawn. Jump on Tram Turistico (which dates back to 1920) and savor Milan’s sites by traveling back in time on one of these charming vehicles. On 25 December and 1 May, the trams run from 7 am until 7:30 pm. - a ticket Mi1-Mi3 for 2 Euro texting “ATM” to the number 48444 To the cost of the ticket you need to add the cost of the SMS, which varies depending on your mobile operator (check it on The municipality of Milan is divided into two circular areas, that differ by the availability of the trolley lines #90 and #91 (inner circle), or lack thereof (outer circle). Other tickets are available, including 24h and 48h tickets and night ticket. Ligne M2 (vert) : Passe par la Gare Centrale. Check our article on Milan’s transport tickets and travel cards for more information on the various types of tickets and possible discounts. We had a magnificent time travelling around Milan on the trams but please please be aware to validate your ticket when you board any tram. Elle passe par le Duomoet San Babila. Truly enjoyed the ease of using the Tram Turistico! Disgusted with this behaviour towards tourists! It is a service by ATM City Tour. the ordinary ticket €2.00). Would recommend highly! Line M1 (red): This line is useful, especially if you are travelling to Milan on business and want to reach the Fiera Milano. Elle s’arrête au Duomo, dans la rue Montenapoleone (zone commerçante la plus importante de Milan) et à la Gare Cen… We continued arguing for 15 minutes and my girlfriend actually got quite upset as it was fining us our allowance for the day but they didn’t seem to care more robot than human. Milan’s public transport options include the subway, bus and tram. While waiting for the tram to arrive, we searched for the ticket machines and for any signs about tickets, of which there were none to be found. Prices for tickets and passes valid for the subway, bus and tram include €1.50 one way, €4.50 for an unlimited day pass, €11.30 for a weekly pass and €35 for a monthly pass, with further discounts for children, students and senior citizens. 3. 3. Can get off & on to any place you want to see. The four metro lines in Milan are numbered and have various colours: 1. In most cities it’s fairly obvious how to get a ticket for the tram, I’m fairly sure they make plenty of money out of tourists here by it being so difficult to get tickets without knowing how. Ce ticket permet de réaliser des correspondances avec n’importe quel moyen de transport comme tout autre ticket, et sa période de validité est de 105 minutes. You can get on and off the tram at any of the scheduled stops along the four routes; the trams and buses together reach more than 60 points of interest throughout the city. Milan’s public transportation’s website welcomes you in Milan! One stop in he asked to see our tickets again which we thought was odd. Choose your zone(s) to see tram prices. This is the best way to get 16 goes all over...Duomo...Gallery shopping end and other side is SAN Siro football to walk around and into shop to purchase your football goodies...wonderful experience...did not do the tour which is, shop there is a large window which you can see the stadium .lovely experience. We got on the tram and he also got on when it arrived. San Francisco’s case is even more extraordinary since the American city bought their trams from Milan. This infuriated me further of course! This is a huge scam for tourists. Milan’s nine zones also have the purpose of decentralising the city’s administrative division, and indeed many locals speak of ‘zones’ when referring to neighbourhoods an… Compared to the Milan Metro network, which was inaugurated not very long ago (in the second half of the twentieth century), the trams in Milan have been running since 1876, when they were pulled by horses. Take a slow ride along the commercial shopping street of Corso Buenos Aires where you can enjoy some free time to shop at the end! Trams from several periods run in Milan, from the most modern and “psychedelic” to the most classic. We protested he should have told us and we were not paying so he made us get off at the next stop with him and another ticket inspector turned up. (The journey was €1.50 each). There is also a night service, from midnight until 6 am. On Metro, you need either your ticket or QR code (if you're using the mobile app) to enter and exit the train platforms. You’re allowed to ride as many buses and trams within that 90-minute window as you like. An integrated ticket is used inside the Milan urban area for bus, tram and metro lines, as well as the suburban railway. The Milan tram network system consists of 18 lines that run until past midnight. These models of trams can also be seen in Lisbon, Oporto and San Francisco. The card is then automatically valid to travel around in Milan public transport network including tram, bus, metro and city train. 2. The following tickets are available via the ATM MILANO APP: urban single ticket for 1.50€, urban day pass for 4,50€, Rho Fiera return ticket for 5€, single ticket to or from Rho Fiera for 2.50€ and day pass valid to and from Rho Fiera for 8€. Find out more. Daily ticket: 4.50€ Valid for a whole 24 hours after validating. This means that one ticket grants access to all public means of transportation: Ordinary […] More than 80 bus and troleybus lines pass through the Milan streets every day. Experience Milan like a local and experience one of the historic trams on a 2.5-hour tour that takes in many of the top sights. At night, and on the weekend, night buses take over. Anyway a third ticket inspector then turned up and he signalled a passing police car to pull over which they did. Tours last 75 minutes and depart from Milan’s Piazza Castello. On the trams and buses this isn’t required. It's very simple to do, just pop it in the ticket machine and it puts a code on your ticket. Select all that apply. The’s a big scam to catch tourists out! Trams run in Milan from 4:30 am – 5 am until 2 am – 2:30 am at night. (Tobacco stores/underground stations) You would think if you ask someone how to buy tickets, they could give you some advice, not just beckon you onto the train knowing full well we would be fined and then have driven off before we could be prove our case that he allowed us on knowing we didn’t have a ticket. DO CHILDREN NEED TO BUY A TICKET TO USE THE MEANS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN MILAN? The increase in price for a single ticket on Milan’s metro, buses and trams will go up from €1.50 to €2.00 on 15 July. The urban single journey ticket costs €1.50. Best of Milan Walking Tour with Skip-the-Line... Swiss Alps Bernina Express Rail Tour from... Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: Tickets & Tours‎, Santa Maria delle Grazie: Tickets & Tours‎, Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore: Tickets & Tours‎. You can find maps, timetables, tickets, real time information and more. A small group tour by tram to visit Milan* While there are many ways to visit the attractions of Milan, a tram tour will reveal another face of the city, one that only locals know. There are regular ticket inspectors patrolling. I asked him why the tram driver didn’t tell us we had to pay first, or even tell us vaguely how to get tickets. The line also stops at the Duomo and San Babila. - Yes, you should: "Magnetic tickets should be stamped at the start of every journey and every time you change vehicles." If you travel between Milan and the 21 municipalities in the Mi3 zone or between Milan and the Rho Fieramilano station (Metro Line 1), you must purchase a fare from 3 Mi1-Mi3 zones (e.g. Line M2 (green): The M2 stops at Milano Centrale. It was our first trip on the tram and not really sure what we were doing we asked a ticket inspector for advice to check we were getting the right tram and that our tickets. They ushered us off the tram when we tried to pay. On buses and trams, you need to stamp your ticket in one of the machines when you board the vehicle. Les trois lignes de métro de Milan sont numérotées et sont de couleurs différentes : 1. He told us we were on the right side of the road, our tickets were fine and that it was 20 minutes away. The tickets for the tram (or any other means of transport in Milan) can be purchased in the metro stops, kiosks or off-licenses. Milan Transport Tickets and Travel Cards One way tickets, 24 or 48 hour passes, weekly travel cards... discover all the types of ticket and transport card available in Milan. The trams in Milan are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around the city, thanks to its extensive network. We had 5€ on us and we asked the tram driver how we pay, showed him the 5€ note. Milan trams We had a magnificent time travelling around Milan on the trams but please please be aware to validate your ticket when you board any tram. It's very simple to do, just pop it in the ticket machine and it puts a code on your ticket. the network and will instantly fine you approx.€40 per person if you haven't validated your ticket.. we saw this on 4 occasions in 3 days so be very aware.. Trust us, it's simple to do and Milan is a stunning city. Feels very like a legal government driven scam to me! There are regular ticket inspectors patrolling… 48-hour travel card All the tickets and travel cards are valid for all of Milan’s means of transport: urban buses, trams, Milan Metro and urban trains. were okay for where we needed to go. To travel from Milan city beyond the "urban fare" area, on the "S" suburban train lines, Trenord, the company that manages the "S" lines, sells various types of "regionale" tickets; and on the other means of public transport, you will need what is known as a Cumulative Ticket, calculated by the vending machine according to the number of zones crossed. "If I have a ticket for 90 minutes and I have to change vehicles (2 trams), do I need to stamp the ticket in every tram? Citizens and tourists will no longer be able to use the bi-daily travel ticket, which in fact has been removed from the list of ordinary urban tickets. You just have to validate your ticket once although you will need to repeatedly use your ticket to enter and often exit the Underground or train. Directions to Tram 1 (Milano) with public transportation The following transit lines have routes that pass near Tram 1 Bus: 57 , 58 , 61 , 81 , 94 Line M3 (yellow): The M3 is probably the most convenient line for tourists. The trams are numbered from 1 to 33. We bought a three day pass, (around the corner @ the Metro...and it worked out great! 2-day ticket: 8.25€ Valid for an entire 48 hours. We explained exactly what had happened which was 100% the truth, that we had asked the driver how to pay and that he had beckoned us into the tram. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. How to use and navigate the Milan (and Rome) Metro (subway) systems! The blue line will cross Milan from east to west and connects the airport airport Linate with the center (Piazza San Babila) to the urban area Lorenteggio in the west. The total cost (ticket + SMS) will be debited on your account or phone credit. Milan’s urban area is also divided into zones and half zones that serve to calculate diverse transportation fares. Museo nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milan’s transport tickets and travel cards. – tram and bus routes. The Milan tramway network (Italian: Rete tranviaria di Milano) is part of the public transport network of Milan, Italy, operated by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM). Here you can find all you need to know about the public transport in Milan and how to move around the city. 4. Tram ticket prices. Validate your MilanoCard travel card in the ticket machine at your first trip at the station when you travel with underground and city train, and inside trams and buses. No matter what we said, it didn’t matter. Even today some of the trams in circulation are relics, more than 80 years old. It was a very unpleasant experience and just a total money making tourist scam. Travel through the center of Milan aboard a tram, and get a chance to see the 19th-century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a famous shopping district with a glass-vaulted ceiling. Ligne M3 (jaune) : Il s’agit très certainement de la ligne de métro la plus intéressante. If you are planning to use Milan’s public transport, we recommend buying several one-way tickets or buying a 24-hour or 48-hour travel pass. Hop on – Hop off, 7/7, 48h. 2. Your ticket will need to cover all zones you travel through. The trams in Milan have longer schedules compared to the Milan Metro and the city’s local buses. First things first: Milan public transport is cheap and efficient, and it’s the most environmentally-friendly way to travel around town. Regional train fares apply outside the urban limit. Low and behold, multiple officers got on the tram and asked for tickets. Its construction was completed in the 1960s. At this point I decided to pay the €36 euros each as the police agreed it was what we needed to do and they weren’t giving up. No, they don’t. We did as we were advised assuming we could pay on the tram, or perhaps like some other European cities, transport was free if you stayed in the city or something. It stops at the Duomo, in Via Montenapoleone (the most important commercial area in Milan) and Milano Centrale. Can you spot me? The Milan metro is made up of four lines and is the most extensive in Italy. Each ticket, which can be used on the Metro, tram, and buses in Milan, costs €1.50 and is valid for 90 minutes. This website is property of Civitatis Tours SL. Single tickets are €1.50 and are valid for 90 minutes. Everything you need to know, and nothing more, to have a stress-free vacation. The trams team up with the Gran Turismo fleet of busses that now doubles the available routes. He was chatting and laughing with his colleagues in Italian over me while I was trying to explain our situation to him. Unlike in Paris and other European cities, Milan has always kept its tram network system running.Â. We also travelled to lake como 30mins by train away and fell in love with the place, train fair was €16. Tired of walking all over Milan—or shuttling through its Metro subway stations? The tram tour of Milan is an unconventional way to explore the city and its main highlights. ATM is Milan’s local public transportation authority owning the underground subway system – The Metro, the more efficient mean of transport (free from traffic variations, traffic jams and usually also from strikes!) We wish you a good stay in Milan, and feel free to contact us for further information. Within the 90 mins, you can do one journey on the underground and unlimited trips on buses and trams. He said the tram driver is paid to drive and nothing more. Me and my partner had bought two all day ticket from the metro station. Experience Milan like a local and ride one of the historic trams on a 2.5-hour tour that takes in many of the top sights. Price: 7,00 € (One Day Ticket) and 12,00 € (Three Days Ticket). It’s easy to keep safe with contactless travel and we work out your fares up to a daily cap.    The most peculiar are the 1500 series trams, which date back to 1928-1930. tram. You can also change trains on one Metro journey using one ticket. Asked us for our ID and told us to pay €35 each. He beckoned us onto the. All public transport services are provided by Azienda Trasporti Milanese (ATM) – tickets can be purchased at metro stations, authorised retailers or newsstands. Skip-the-line Duomo Tour with Rooftop Access. A fifth line, line 4 (blue underground) is currently under construction. Straight away he said we had not validated our tickets and that we were being fined 36€ (you are suppose to stamp your tickets every trip- he could have told us if he actually wanted to help but he was actually waiting to fine us). Milan has an efficient public transport network that includes 4 metro lines, trams and buses. There are 19 tram lines in Milan, and the trams on them range from the yellow/white and orange 1920s era trains to new green trains. Charges and tickets are valid to the undergrounds, bus and tram as well as to the Trenord suburban trains. The old trains can be more fun, with their wooden bench seats and old-fashioned look (there’s even a moving restaurant on an old tram called the ATMosfera !