Helen then shows Roy a classified recording that reveals the Lima crew mutinied against Clifford in an attempt to return to Earth, but he killed all of them and eventually went insane. Roy tries to pull Clifford back, but he is ready to die. Roy tries to get Tanner out, but another baboon attacks. H must do a sub-orbital skydive down to the planet. AD ASTRA *CUT TO THE CHASE* NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy. Ad Astra (Latin for " To the Stars ") is a 2019 American psychological science fiction film produced, co-written, and directed by James Gray. In James Gray’s Ad Astra a search across the solar system for answers ends up back where they started, though at least astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) has worked through his issues about his dad by the time he gets home, and it actually feels like home. She states that she was born there on Mars, and her own parents were part of The Lima Project, where they tragically perished. Roy heads over with Tanner to inspect it. Pruitt suggests that Clifford may be hiding from them. Bordel - Topic Ad Astra en 4K > Intedstellar du 23-01-2021 16:30:22 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com He propels himself there and boards the ship. Ad Astra ou Vers les étoiles au Québec et au Nouveau-Brunswick, est un film de science-fiction américain coécrit et réalisé par James Gray, sorti en 2019. Roy takes command of the ship and heads to Neptune on his own. Ad Astra takes place in Earth’s near future. Discussion . This piece contains plot spoilers for Ad Astra and Arrival.. James Gray's science-fiction character study Ad Astra begins in a "time of conflict." AMC THEATERS - LOEWS CINEPLEX - REGAL CINEMAS - CENTURY THEATERS. He enters and finds the bodies of the crew before going to make his way with the nuke. AD ASTRA STORY DETAILS GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR PITT. However, Clifford attempts to pull them away by hitting his thrusters and propelling them away. Roy closes his message by vowing to live and love from now on. They are seen meeting up to get coffee. If you've seen the film, please rate it at this poll. As they try to head back, Clifford instead chooses death by drifting away from Roy into space. Roy makes it to Neptune and finds the Lima base, which he plans to destroy with a nuclear payload. Chris & Kyle discuss Ad Astra! The base's director, Helen Lantos, shows Roy a video that reveals Clifford went mad on the base and killed his crew after they mutinied and tried to go back to Earth. If you have not seen Ad Astra and do not wish to read spoilers about the movie, you should not proceed. Roy joins the Cepheus crew – Captain Lawrence Tanner (Donnie Keshawarz), Donald Stanford (Loren Dean), Franklin Yoshida (Bobby Nish), and Lorraine Deavers (Kimberly Elise) – as they head to Mars. Roy thinks he should meet with Clifford directly. They must first head to the moon and head for a ship that will take them to Mars. Roy is accompanied by Clifford’s old friend and associate Colonel Thomas Pruitt (Donald Sutherland) on their mission. to bee, The Midnight Sky: it’s written in the stars, Wonder Woman 1984: the truth is out there, About Songbird: the more things change the more we stay the same. Il est présenté … As a Sci-fi fan I was looking forward to Ad Astra. Discussion . [SPOILERS] Adastra. « Ad Astra » que certains considèrent comme un chef-d’œuvre de James Gray, ne m’a pas fait plus d’effet que cela. In the near future, the Solar System is being struck by mysterious power surges of unknown origin, threatening the future of human life. The crew arrives on Mars, but another pulse causes their ship’s systems to shut down. Ro… One of the many real-life science issues that Ad Astra completely ignores is the travel time involved in getting from one place to another. Ad Astra (Spoilers) September 26, 2019 Piero Gonzalez 2.5 Reels, Piero's Reel Reviews, Reel Reviews, Reel Talk Inc Comments Off on Ad Astra (Spoilers) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. He even tries to convince Roy to stay with him and continue the work together, but Roy is adamant in getting them both home. However, the station chiefs take Roy off the mission, thinking the emotional message may compromise their progress. My journey from eh? Roy is placed in a comfort room where Helen comes to talk to him. The crew receives a distress signal from a Norwegian biomedical research station. Deavers and Yoshida try to go after Roy, even as he insists that he is not a threat. Ad Astra trailers: the answers we seek are just outside our reach… Read More. When pulses of antimatter threaten life on Earth, officials at U.S. Space Command trace the source back to the Lima Project Base on Neptune that's headed by astronaut H. Clifford McBride. He goes to work on the International Space Antenna right above Earth. The crew catches him since they detect the break in the airlock. His voiceover states that he has always wanted to be an astronaut to help mankind. Locked Down ending: from hedgies & homebaking to the Harris diamond, what happened? He goes to work on the International Space Antenna right above Earth. Despite Roy’s best efforts, he cannot stop Clifford, and he watches as his father drifts into the abyss of space. Pour ma part, c’est le premier film que je visionne avec l’acteur à l’affiche ! Roy is tasked with finding Clifford after the Lima base was detected on Neptune. 5. Plus qu'une quête spatiale, Ad Astra est avant tout un voyage introspectif sur lequel nous allons revenir dans cette analyse. It is empty, save for a baboon that was a test subject. Roy is brought in to meet with his superiors at the U.S. Space Command. He eventually discovers Clifford, who says he knew Roy would come. It hits its first such beat right out of the gate, as a cosmic electrical surge sends Roy into free fall from a towering space antenna. Close. When debris from the antenna rips a hole in his parachute, there’s a real sense of danger, even though it’s a given that he’s not going to die in the first reel and deprive us of moments we’ve seen in the trailers. As they continue the mission, Roy makes another psych evaluation video message in which he mentions the rage that he saw in the baboons reminded him of a rage he had seen in his father and in himself. He is meant to stress the urgency of the situation and the mission regarding his recovery. Roy has always had something of a fear of Clifford, and he wishes to be nothing like him. Help keep the spoilers up to date by sending your submissions here. He accepts the mission out of integrity, and he looks back on video messages that Clifford sent him. Roy carries on and destroys the Lima base, which helps him get back home. Click here to see rankings for 2019 films. Archived [SPOILERS] Adastra. It has inspired him to connect with those closest to him, including Eve. It mauls Tanner and then goes to attack Roy, who manages to kill it by shooting it. However, as a Sci-Fi fan I found the film to be pedantic, dreary, boring and contrived. His shuttle lands on a military base, and he is recovered by soldiers. During the surge, Major Roy McBride nearly dies when knocks him off a planetary antenna. Rankings. Log in, Ad Astra trailers: the answers we seek are just outside our reach…, One month to go before we head into the “endless void”, and there’s a new IMAX trailer for “Ad Astra”, How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World, Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2, The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. On est allés voir Ad Astra hier soir et voici notre ressenti avec et sans spoil! Clifford and his crew never returned and seemingly disappeared without a trace 16 years earlier. As the Lima base explodes, Roy uses the explosion to help him make it back to Earth. Be sure to subscribe so you know when new episodes drop! In the near future, massive power surges start having devastating consequences around Earth. They say that it’ll take them 19 days to get to Mars. Roy also listens to a message regarding Clifford having disabled communications on Lima, which further stresses the need for the whole project to be shut down. His voiceover states that he has always wanted to be an astronaut to help mankind. Hey everyone, I just finished the current release of Adastra, and I'm feeling quite down over it. Showing all 5 items Jump to: Summaries (4) Synopsis (1) ... Spoilers. Roy is instructed to take a top secret trip to Mars and send a message to try and communicate with Clifford. The following article contains numerous important plot points from the movie. Before boarding for Mars, Roy is urged by Pruitt to succeed before he is brought to intensive care. spoiler. ‘Ad Astra’ Movie Summary. Le 10 décembre 2020 à 13:49:25 Oluqman a écrit :L - page 3 - Topic AD ASTRA: sa BEAUTE du 10-12-2020 13:41:03 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com A power surge strikes the solar system that potentially threatens all life on the planet. Ad Astra nous arrive tardivement, pour des raisons de production semble-t-il, après une vague de cinéma Hard-SF jouant déjà d’une partition frigide et mélancolique (Interstellar le premier, mais aussi First Man, Arrival ou High Life par exemple, voire Blade Runner 2049 si l’on en retient la solitude cafardeuse et les principes lumineux). Brad Pitt has been one of Hollywood’s shining stars for quite some time now. Yoshida and Stanford then try to get Roy, but they end up suffocating. Father-son relationships are always good fodder for further exploration. Ad Astra, sorti plus tôt cette année, est une odyssée spatiale intimiste et solitaire emmenée par Brad Pitt. Wait, 19 days? Hidden Meanings Behind the Movie, "Ad Astra" (Spoilers) Review by Joy Davis. Click here to see rankings for every poll done. He manages to land in a field and is found by onlookers before he loses consciousness. Roy makes it onto the ship as it is taking off. We’ve hit a peak in modern science-fiction films set in space. Le titre du film signifie "vers les étoiles" en latin et constitue un raccourcis de la formule "Ad Astra per Aspera" ("vers les étoiles, à travers la difficulté"). Pieces Of A Woman: the final bit of the jigsaw, BLOG: Scorchio! Your guide to the latest plot twists and surprise endings, now playing at a theater near you! Roy manages to deploy his parachute, but it is damaged by the falling debris. Before heading off, Roy sends a video message to his estranged wife Eve (Liv Tyler). Use the Search Bar or "Tag Cloud" below to find an interesting spoiler! To its credit, Ad Astrakeeps the set pieces rolling along for much of its running time, peppering its plot with as many discursive action beats as an existential sci-fi movie can hold. They discuss Roy’s father, renowned astronaut H. Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), who left with a crew into space for The Lima Project, which was an effort to seek out other intelligent life across the Solar System. Roy tapes up Tanner’s helmet and brings him back to the Cepheus, but he is already dead. She asks Roy if the pulses are going to kill life on Mars and Earth, but Roy isn’t sure. Posted by 1 year ago. *SPOILER REQUEST* The film opens with Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) delivering a video message for a psych evaluation. Filed Under: Trailers Tagged With: ad astra, ad astra trailer, brad pitt, donald sutherland, father, james gray, liv tyler, ruth negga, sci fi, space, tommy lee jones. More surges start happening across the planet. The story follows the two of them from their early life on. Roy and Pruitt join the crew on the moon, where they find themselves ambushed by space bandits. « Ad Astra » est le film évènement de la rentrée, beaucoup de spectateurs étant curieux de voir Brad Pitt en astronaute. In the past six years, we’ve had fascinating stories told about space such as Gravity, Interstellar and The Martian.Those last two stories were set in a plausible future environment.AD ASTRA Astronaut Roy McBride is informed that his father, renowned astronaut Clifford, may still be alive after previously heading out into space for The Lima Project, which was meant to detect other intelligent life. Uh, yeah…no. Roy manages to fight some off and get away with his life. Roy finds himself on the verge of giving up, but he makes it back to the base to plant the nuke. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis: "Ad Astra" is a sci-fi and adventure drama that is set in deep outer space. I was wondering if anyone has some insight into the last few parts. He finds Clifford, who still hasn't given up hope that the project could be a success. Ad Astra est un film vertigineux voguant jusqu’aux limites de notre monde connu pour nous faire réfléchir sur notre place dans l'Univers. Helen guides Roy to the ship that will take off and helps him sneak onboard. Et si la justesse de son jeu, tout en intériorité, semble faire l’unanimité (que j’ai … A massive power surge then hits the Antenna, causing it to come down violently, sending Roy and many other astronauts hurdling toward Earth. Official Discussion - Ad Astra [SPOILERS] Poll. They bring Roy in to begin recording and sending messages for Clifford. They arrive at the SpaceCom station where Roy meets director Helen Lantos (Ruth Negga) before he is brought up by the station’s higher-ups. Recent readings have been coming from Neptune, indicating that Clifford may still be alive. And as a result, when James Gray's belated sci-fi drama comes to its close, audiences will be left with a lot of questions. The shuttle splits, causing Deavers to fly face-first into the door, killing her. Synopsis. WARNING: Major spoilers for Ad Astra ahead. In a later recording, Roy delivers a more sincere message to Clifford, reminiscing about their time spent together when Roy was a child. If you haven't seen the film but would like to see the result of the poll click here. Roy joins a crew to a base on Mars so that he may send messages to Neptune in an attempt to communicate with Clifford. Roy finally makes it to Neptune and finds the Lima base. They manage to land their shuttle safely. Ad Astra has now landed in cinemas after some unfortunate delays, but it's proved to be worth the wait and packs a punch with its ending. ATTENTION SPOILERS. spoiler. Roy and Clifford start to make their way outside for Roy to go plant the nuke. Roy concludes that humans are the only intelligent life, and it inspires him to stay connected to those closest to him, including his wife Eve. Hannibal is initially shown as a strangely silent infant, who seemed like the gods forgot to put a soul in his little body. Most of the crew is killed, and Pruitt is severely injured. The film club watches Skyfire, The Blithe Spirit remake and the ghosts of movies past. He is out there for several weeks, in which he thinks about Eve and Clifford, among other things. Ad Astra takes Brad Pitt on a journey to the stars, but is really much more concerned with the smaller, the quieter, the more internal parts of his life.