... McGill – HEC Executive MBA (EMBA) This program is designed to meet the development needs of experienced managers … That’s what makes McGill’s Mini-MBA Series the ideal stepping stone for the next phase of your professional development. Ottawa     The Mini MBA Certificate is designed for: Managers and Executives who are looking to or who have recently transitioned into management and leadership positions. Vancouver     McGill is the only Canadian school that gets immediate name recognition outside of Canada. Vous avez le choix de suivre une seule formation, que ce soit celle du cycle I, II ou III, ou encore de terminer les trois formations, dans l’ordre qui vous convient, de façon à suivre la totalité des formations de la série Mini-MBA. Le Mini-MBA … Will there be an exam or a grade given out? Advisors will be on hand to answer any live questions regarding the program. This program is designed to meet the development needs of experienced managers who occupy or are destined for senior management positions. It … That’s why even MBA grads take the program to refresh and update their knowledge base, and specialized managers take it to broaden their expertise. I am launching a mini-MBA* via my blog, the Tekedia Institute. Join the next online Information Session: February 10, 2021 at 12:00 ET - Register Here. There are no degree requirements for the program. The Mini-MBA Program: at the heart of professional development. This Mini-MBA is focused on developing your business skills. Here, we’ll look at management disciplines in greater depth and provide you with a holistic view of key ideas. Det er derfor uhyre vigtigt at se sig godt for, inden man investerer tid og penge i en lederuddannelse, der markedsføres under betegnelsen Mini MBA. In this 6-day course, you will enhance your creative abilities, fine-tune your entrepreneurial thinking and learn to be a catalyst for innovation. Under $1000 for 17 credits and a certificate makes this the best deal of the bunch, by a country mile, if you don’t need a name brand school. The unique integrated management approach will allow you to work across managerial boundaries and fully understand how organizations function as a whole—locally and internationally. You’ll gain career confidence, a greater understanding of the business world and a Mini-MBA certificate that attests to your achievement and commitment to your ongoing development. Also top MBA … We place emphasis on helping you reach your peak of excellence while accelerating your career goals. À qui s’adresse le mini-MBA? Emphasis is placed on helping you reach your peak of excellence, gain confidence and accelerate your career goals. La série Mini-MBA comprend trois formations distinctes. The Mini MBA will guide students through all the aspects covered in a standard MBA degree offered at any top business school. Online. Dès son lancement, MDI … It’s a unique opportunity to equip yourself with practical management skills that you can put to work immediately. Deepen your knowledge of business practices and learn to implement strategies, manage change, interpret numbers, and more—all while putting your new knowledge to use through a realistic business simulation with your class peers. Choose the cycle that best meets your needs or complete the full series. Taking your career to the next level requires significant time and investment—which you may simply not have right now. Program participants are managers, entrepreneurs and professionals with at least 10 years of work experience, including at least 5 years of managerial experience. I invite you to register ($140 or N50,000 naira). In just a few days, you’ll gain the insight you need to speak about key MBA concepts with confidence, expertly interact with high-level executives and make daily decisions that will positively impact your career. HEC Paris in Qatar delivers a full range of Executive Short Programs, focusing on a variety of key management areas. Increase the value of your CV, LinkedIn profile and more, Get key industry info at a fraction of the time and cost, Use new tools and processes to immediately impact your career, Connect with a network of peers from diverse industries, Benefit from practical exercises and group projects, Broaden your horizons and become more business savvy, Learn industry best practices and insights, Hone your decision-making skills for the business world, Gain access to our professional faculty’s advice—even after the course. I was able to build and expand my current leadership knowledge. This teaching methodology gives students ample opportunities to apply learnings from their pre-MBA work experience and assimilate it into the classroom curriculum. Jody Mitiche talks to us about her rewarding experience at the McGill Executive Institute. Vice-President and General Manager, National Hospitality Group, Women Entrepreneurs and Leadership Program, Executive Development Course (EDC) — Online, Advanced Management Course (AMC) — Online, Integrated Management Thinking (IMT) — Online. Transformez votre carrière en 16 mois seulement avec le MBA d’HEC Paris à temps plein. Our focus on the latest ideas in strategy, marketing, finance, and human resources will also give you a clear advantage in today’s ever-evolving business world. Instead, you will complete the program with a group presentation to the faculty panel, after which you will receive your Certificate of Completion from the McGill Executive Institute. You’ll learn the key business insights, comprehensive management practices, benchmarks, and business strategies taught in our full MBA program—at a fraction of the time and cost—from outstanding professors with real-life experience. Educational, current, professional and taught by energetic, fun instructors. Alumni HEC Montréal, un solide réseau international comptant plus de 82 000 diplômés. HEC … It is an online fast-track program that covers all core areas of general business management. For professionals with an average of 6 years of work experience, the full-time MBA … PEER COACHING AND GUIDANCE FROM … Remember: this is your learning experience and our goal is to ensure it’s relevant to your career. The advantage of a mini MBA program is its length. Excellent course! Note that most top MBA programs in the US do not offer part time study. Tout comme les MBA traditionnels, le mini-MBA … Designed for more experienced managers and professionals, this is a highly interactive program with 8 days of learning condensed into formats ideal for working professionals. © HEC Montréal, 2021 | Tous droits réservés. Before taking the Integrated Management Thinking Course (IMT), you will ideally have completed Cycle II or have at least 15 years of management experience. Following the completion of each cycle, you will receive a prestigious Certificate of Completion stating that you’ve successfully completed one cycle of the Mini-MBA Program. Most participants have at least 5 years of work experience and tend to be mid- to upper-level managers and professionals from every type and size of organization. The program offers issue-driven learning for seasoned executives and entrepreneurs that builds on their managerial experience. The group I worked with were excellent support and resource who I will continue to engage with in the future. Note that you will be assigned to a group of peers with different experiences in order to make the most of your learning opportunities. Our intensive Executive Short Programs are specially designed for busy … hec.ca Suivez HEC Montréal Créée en 1996, MDI-Algiers Business School est le premier établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur de gestion en Algérie. Le programme MBA d’HEC Paris est régulièrement classé dans le Top 20 mondial. Mini MBA Program Length . Titlen Mini MBA kan bruges frit og dækker over en mangfoldighed af meget forskellige lederuddannelser. Online Information Session   February 10, 2021   12:00 pm ET. We’ve designed this program specifically for all managers and professionals in corporate, government and nonprofit roles who are looking for immediate results and don’t wish to invest time and money on a full MBA. Toronto     This program does not include exams. Tout au long de votre parcours, vous serez accompagnés de façon personnalisée et soutenue par l’équipe MBA et des agents-conseils dédiés. Think a Mini-MBA is for you? We can help you decide where to begin based on your requirements and experience. MINI-MBA is the best choice for those who want to quickly improve their professional and administrative skills, to get understanding of various business processes and to become more competitive on the labour market! Les étudiants MBA de HEC Montréal sont bilingues, souvent multilingues, proviennent des quatre coins du monde et possèdent un important bagage professionnel. It is much shorter than a traditional MBA program, which can take up to two years of full-time study to complete.Mini MBA programs also take less time to complete than accelerated MBA … “It's … Please ensure full payment is made to secure your place in the program and receive your reading material, which is generally sent 2 weeks before the class begins. This was all I was hoping it would be. Offered in:     Partagez3TweetezPartagez3 Partages En marge d’un précédent partenariat entre la South Mediterranean University et HEC Montréal sur son programme de baccalauréat en administration des affaires (B.A.A. Our programs often fill up one or more months in advance, so it’s in your best interest to register early. Format: Le Mini MBA … This flagship program condenses key MBA topics into two different learning formats that fit the work schedules of busy professionals. The online Mini MBA is a certificate program and is a non-credit-bearing course. The course consists of 17 separate modules that must … En marge d’un précédent partenariat entre la South Mediterranean University et HEC Montréal sur son programme de baccalauréat en administration des affaires (B.A.A. A Mini-MBA program can be an excellent alternative to a traditional MBA, offering ways to learn new skills and business tactics or get the latest information about modern business practices. ), SMU renouvelle l’expérience et lance son mini MBA … Une diversité qui enrichit l’expérience d’apprentissage. Our most advanced course gives senior managers the opportunity to put all the pieces of the management puzzle together by building a full business model for future growth. Calgary     The MBA program at HEC Paris is consistently ranked in the Top 20 worldwide. About this program. Then it probably is! The Executive Development Course (EDC) is open to managers of all experience levels, and each class includes participants from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including engineering, project management, human resources, operations, sales, and more. Suivez HEC Montréal sur les médias sociaux, Renseignez-vous sur les dates de nos prochains webinaires >.