A peaceful and meaningful life is easier if you’re able to leave the past in the past. How to Let Go of the Past. Believe you can find your way to let go of any past hurt. May these poems give you the hope, inspiration, and courage to let go of the past and embrace the future to pursue a life well-lived. A New Year is a chance to start fresh and leave behind the things that have brought pain and heartbreak. The past is in the past! Thanks to Hajur for adding these lyrics. However, the past is the past, and no amount of rumination can change this. Specific signs are easily able to let the past be an example to learn from. Its past has the same spelling and pronunciation. Although we cannot change the past, we can let go of it and move forward. Always find a way to make the past affect you in a positive way. To let go of past hurts, you need to make the conscious decision to take control of the situation. Submit Corrections. Learning to let go of your past and move on can be a very hard thing to do. Acknowledge the pain that you may feel from past experience, … The past tense of let is let or leet (obsolete). The third-person singular simple present indicative form of let is lets. The same applies to its participle form. Hello Margherita! In the next section, we'll look at how you can begin to move on from the past and focus more attention on the future. Part of being self-aware and being mindful is having the ability to let go of the past and focus on what you are doing right now, and living without carrying burdens of past experiences. Learning how to let go of the past and be happy is challenging, but necessary. The urge to cling to the past can be overpowering, especially if a strong pain, trauma, or embarrassment haunts you. Let it go, let it go And I'll rise like the break of dawn Let it go, let it go That perfect girl is gone! let, let, let Regards, Vitor Rabbit Why? Because if you cling to the past you are forever at its mercy. However, this can take time and practice. Figuring out how to let go of the past and be happy. The key thing is to not let the past affect you in a negative way. Let go of the past, and stop reliving it. Once you've understood what has happened and drawn the main life lessons, it's healthy to let go of that experience. The past is something that should be forgotten, unfortunately, a lot of people let it define them. E.g. The past participle of let is let … Remember: your past only exists within you. When something or someone has made such an impact on your life, it's all too easy to feel lost in … Stop telling yourself that story where the protagonist — you — is forever the victim of this other person’s horrible actions. Remember that your low moments in life don’t have to cause you to feel guilt and discouragement. In ancient astrology, it was believed that each day was an opportunity to learn a life lesson. Here I stand In the light of day Let the storm rage on The cold never bothered me anyway! The present participle of let is letting.